Whelen ION Series Universal Light

Whelen ION is a super-tough, ultra compact LED light that is perfect for mounting anywhere on your vehicle, inside or out. ION shrugs off moisture, salt, chemicals and road vibration while providing added light for off-road vehicles, industrial equipment, motorcycles, utility vehicles, marine and many other heavy-duty application. Compact and versatile enough to mount in any small space on emergency and rescue equipment.

  • Smallest and most effective Super-LED light on the market.
  • Whelen ION is a super-tough, water resistant, compact LED light that is perfect for inside/outside mounting anywhere on your vehicle.
  • Single color models have 25 Scan-Lock™ flash patterns, while split colors offer 69 flash patterns to choose from.
  • Synchronizable to other Whelen Synch products.
  • Choice of black or white housings.
  • Includes universal mount: combination permanent/pedestal, clip, edge mounts, double sided tape.
  • New bail bracket mount, optional.
  • Supplied with 10″ 4-wire pigtail.